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Suicide is an immensely serious adult topic that, in some way, we will encounter in our lifetimes. It may be that a loved one attempts it, that we contemplate it, or that a friend wants to openly talk about their dark thoughts they've been having. Any way it is, we are a community that is built to love and accept one another--suicidal thoughts or not.

Today it saddened my heart to know that a user came in our chat room to express his deep feelings about being an unwanted Daddy Dom and that he felt so strongly unwanted that he was seriously contemplating suicide. This is, word for word, all of the public responses he was greeted with when he stated his current emotional state and dark thoughts:
relax, mate
bullshit. go take a walk, get off the internet and go outside for a bit. clear yer head. go get an ice cream
my advice stands. if you're too good for it, that's your issue
Sigh, I come here for a safe friendly environment. Last thing I wish to encounter is someone talking of crap like this. Be back later.
there is self help numbers here on the site,people in the mindset of small children aren't the best to help with such adult problems.
A user actually had the audacity to write to us about the "attention seeker" who "disturbed" them while they were "in little space" mindset. They were, essentially, requesting the user be banned! We've really come to this? We're honestly that cold-hearted and self-centered?

The user deleted his account immediately after receiving those responses from his obvious plea for help. Nobody tried to console him. Nobody tried to de-escalate his thoughts of suicide. People literally brushed him off and told him to go elsewhere. We have no idea if he harmed himself or is even alive at this point.

There is a suicide hotline and help page on our site for a very good reason. The post is here if anyone ever needs to refer to it:


Threats of suicide are always to be taken very seriously. If anyone threatens suicide is is never okay to shun them away or tell them that nobody can help them. Despite how you want to pretend-play, we are all biological adults here and should treat each other with kindness, respect, and love. There is never a need to tell someone that their serious distress is bothering your pretend-play or that nobody here can help because we're all busy pretending to be children.

Sometimes we are the only place and the only friends someone knows and/or feels safe expressing themselves in and we should always keep that in mind. We should embrace the fact that they are coming to us for help.

If someone in chat reaches out in this safe space and says that they are feeling suicide you should be ashamed of yourself if you:
  • Make them feel guilty because you're too busy pretend-playing to have a serious conversation.
  • Tell them that nobody can help them because we're all too busy pretend-playing.
  • Outright ignore him because you don't feel like having a serious discussion.
  • Tell him that his feelings are bullshit and will just go away if he logs off of the computer.
I will not tolerate our community site becoming the playground full of bullies. If I, or any moderator, ever see anyone responding to a serious suicidal thought with the above responses you will be banned permanently. There will be no second chances given. You are all biological adults and sometimes that means we do need to take adult responsibility and give a little help to another adult. Sometimes we need to make sure our friends are okay.

Don't like it? Please leave now. We don't want you here anyway if all you're worried about is yourself and pretend-playing when a person gives a serious distress call and needs a little encouragement to keep moving forward in life.

In the future, if you're not sure how to react when someone in chat divulges that they are currently suicidal, here are some quick beginning responses you can say in the chat to help open up the conversation and help them feel more relaxed:
I'm really sorry you're feeling down. What's going on? Let's talk about this.
Wow, that is a really serious thought you're having. I'm worried about you. What is happening that is this bad for you?
I'm sorry you're feeling so down but I'm very glad you're reaching out to us. Let's talk about this. What's causing you to feel this way right now? Maybe we can help.
That is serious and I'm so sorry to hear you're that upset. I have a hard time talking about those subjects myself, but I know there is a good resource where you can talk about this confidentially and thoroughly. Please let me know when you reach out to them so I know you're safe: app.php/page/suicide
Please, let's not have to have this conversation again, friends.

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