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We've had a number of people mention in the chat now that they are confused about Littlespace Online. We've tried to ask, "What's confusing?" to only be met with silence.

We created a site guide that helps a new user get started and point them in the right direction in terms of posting on the site. We set new accounts to automatically be directed to that site guide first. We created a private message to be sent to every single new user account to help, again, direct them throughout the site. We recently migrated documents over from our subsite to make browsing the site articles more seamless. We added more instructions to features like the coloring pages.

Yet, again, we are met with, "This site is confusing."

We don't want our community to be confusing, but we're not getting clear answers as to what doesn't make sense to new users. To us, this site is extremely basic and pretty straight-forward. (Like: post your question to the forum and wait for answers from other users or help other users by answering questions they've posted. You know...basic.) As such, we're going to try to explain, very briefly, what this site is below. If you have questions about how to use the site, please first refer to our site guide. If you still can't figure things out then post on the forum (here or make your own thread).

What we are and our site intentions: :o
  • Littlespace Online is a basic forum or our online community.
  • A place to meet others and build friendships with those interested in the scene (Ageplay, ABDL, Caregiver/little, DDlg, etc.)
  • A place to get advice about the scene (Ageplay, ABDL, Caregiver/little, MDlb, etc.)
  • An online safe-haven where you can talk about what you want to talk about and be who you truly are
  • A good, informative online resource for scene-specific topics and articles

What our site is NOT: :shock:
  • Not a adult relations site
  • Not a hook-up site
  • Not just a chat room
  • Not just a dating site
  • Not an incest or child involvement site
  • Not a huge social network like Facebook.
  • Not a place for sugar babies, sugar daddies, or sugar mommies

* If you post, "This site is confusing," in the chat room without any follow-up as to what exactly you don't understand then your message(s) will be deleted and you will receive a warning on your account. That chat room is intended to be an area for conversation--not for vague complaints. We aren't able to help you use the site properly if you don't give us feedback about what you need help using here. As much as we absolutely adore ageplay, we simply can't hold your hand throughout the site and pretend you're a confused 3 year old--you need to read thoroughly and ask specific questions when you need help or don't understand something so that we can actually help you.

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