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Current Chat Update

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Current Chat Update

Postby admin » 1 year ago

As most members have seen, we've implemented a new chat at the bottom of the browser when you access Littlespace Online. This chat is a watered-down version of the chat we are saving up to purchase the full version of and gives us a glimpse of some of the aspects it offers. We are still raising donations towards the full version.

New features of this new chat:
  • Announcements section
  • Password-protected rooms
  • Embedded single-player games
  • Embedded multi-player games (when one-to-one chatting)
  • Document sharing abilities
  • Ability to report users
  • Ability to report private chats
  • Ability to block users
  • Moderator ability to temporarily 'kick' a user from chat
  • etc. (and more)
Since we haven't upgraded fully to the full version yet we are missing some features:
  • Faster chat speeds
  • Voice chatting
  • Video chatting
  • Screen sharing
  • etc. (and more)
We are working towards allowing our chat to be accessible on it's own, dedicated chat page like it did previously.

We know change is difficult to many people. We know the chat looks very different than our old version and it has completely different functionality. Please give it a chance before determining that you don't like it. Explore what the chat has to offer so far before turning your back to it and asking for the old, clunky version we had.

Troubleshooting Tip: If the chat is slow or strange then please clear your browser's cache and cookies and/or website browsing history and data and then reload the website.[/color][/size][/b]
A delay with the chat may be that it's been updated since your browser (mobile or desktop not--either functions in the same manner) last stored data from accessing it. We've been working with the chat room script for the past couple of days so your browser may have stored files with it that just no longer exist with the chat or that have been modified. We're going to continue working with the script so expect to clear your data every now and again while we get settled in from the new-ness of it all.

Also, I am very open to listening to everyone's feedback but please know that we will be moving forward with changing our chat. If this specific script doesn't work out for us then that's okay--we will find something better than what we've been running previously.

Finally: this is a purchased script that can be modified. While it's okay to say you wish it did this, that, or the other thing, please keep in mind that we did not design the script but, rather, have purchased the ability to use the base functionality of it.

It isn't perfect but neither are we!

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