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Chat Room Upgrade

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Chat Room Upgrade

Postby admin » 1 year ago

We need your help![/b]
We are looking to upgrade our chat room software to something much, much better with some great new features like:
  • Optional video chatting
  • Optional voice chatting
  • Single and multiplayer games
  • Whiteboard to color/draw together as a group or singularly
  • Group (3+ members in one private room) private message options
  • Better mobile compatibility for cell phones and tablets (iOS and Android)
  • Faster sending and receiving messages
  • Personal friend's list for ease of private messaging
  • Ignore/block user capabilities
  • Ability to report users from the chat
  • Less server load so less delays/lag
All of this (and more, if you can believe it) is available to us! Right now we are collecting all site donations to put toward this new chat room script so that the entire community can benefit.

The price of this well-developed chat room script is: $500 USD.

We will keep you updated daily with the current donation amount on the homepage of the site. There is a red bar across the top and bottom of the home page that calculates the amount and percentage we've received toward our community goal.

Right now our donations and advertisement revenue barely covers our site month-to-month hosting (no complaints though! the past few months were the first time we received enough of your help to cover the site costs--and that's amazing!). For the next few weeks we're really going to be asking for donations much, much more because the chat room script is very important to us since it would give all members here so many more features.

Our site will remain free to use with the bonus site features for golden supporters when a member donates $5 USD or greater.

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