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Hi members and to-be members:

Our site is in the last stages of transitioning to a new host.

We have gotten a large amount of e-mail and messages through social media sites like Tumblr and Twitter about the site and it's recent unavailability. Instead of replying to every single person--which we have attempted to do up until this point--we will let you all know what happened right here.

On Monday, August 3 of 2015, the head administrator refreshed the site, accepted a newly registered account's post, and headed back to the index page. They noted that the site was slower than usual; however, our host seemed to have these lag spikes pretty often. Instead of being able to return to the homepage of Littlespace Online, the administrator was greeted with an error that noted something about the server's mySQL database. They took our immediate actions by contacting the host support right away to seek resolution as quickly as possible.

The host replied that the site's server had been scheduled to be upgraded and that all would be resolved in the upcoming hours.

Hours passed and the site was still completely unavailable. We contacted the host support team again and was advised that the server had not been upgraded (and that it was not even in the plans) and it was undergoing some technical issues that were being worked on. We were advised to be patient and that the error would be resolved very soon.

By day 5 we were fed up. The site had only been available for a maximum of 2 hours during the week and the server continued to repeatedly crash. We searched for a new host that would permit legal adult material, was much more reliable than the current host, offered a large amount of bandwidth usage, and was at an affordable price. (As a note, we sell ad space on Littlespace Online to solely pay for hosting costs!)

We found a new host, purchased a plan, and requested the data be migrated over from our old host.

We are still working through a few bugs from the transition, but, for the most part, the site is functioning as it use to with the old hosting company. If you do happen to run into a bug then please do let us know, but we request you have a little patience while we finish up the migration on our end.

Also: today, Tuesday, August 11 of 2015, the previous host still has not brought back up the site on their end. The server it was being hosted on continues to crash repeatedly. We've blacklisted the host and will not ever be reverting to them in the future if we ever do need to make another move.

Our new host also accepts legal adult material so you are still welcome to post your personal photos, toys, and other adult-oriented photos as long as they comply with the law.

Happily, we also find that the current host processes our data much faster than the previous. While the owner of Littlespace Online is paying more than previous, we are exceptionally pleased about our decision to transition to this new host.

If anyone has questions, concerns, or just general comments to be made then please feel free to post below or contact us privately (through the site, through e-mail, or any other means you find fit).

As always, we offer only the best in teddy bear cuddles to our members,

Littlespace Online Administration

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