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[align=center]- Getting Started Guide -[/align]

Welcome to Littlespace Online! We're the online version of your time spent in your wonderful subspace-like mindset. We have everything from adult coloring pages to personal ads. If you want it, we generally have it. If we don't have it for some crazy reason then let us know and make a suggestion! To get started around here, you should definitely:

* Register an account on the site. If you aren't registered then you're not going to be able to access features like the instant chat room. While all of the Littlespace Online is completely free, we do restrict some things to members only. Membership is free and registration will take you less than 5 minutes to complete.

[align=center]Register for a Free Account: Register Here![/align]
Don't forget to fill out your profile too!

1. Introduce yourself! This step is mandatory! Post a few sentences about who you are and what you like to do! Please no personal or match-making ads in this area.

Post Your Introduction: ... e=post&f=3
Read and Respond to Other Introductions:

2. Post your personal ad if you're looking for a Caregiver (Daddy Dom? Mommy Domme? Auntie? Babysitter? Other?), a little (adult baby? little girl? tween?), or just friends.

Post Your Ad - Looking for Caregiver: ... =post&f=14
Read About Others Looking for a Caregiver:
Post Your Ad - Looking for Little: ... =post&f=15
Read About Others Looking for a Little:
Post Your Ad - Looking for Friends: ... =post&f=22
Read About Others Looking for Friends:

3. Post your question to be answered. If you're looking for some advice, tips, or need your curiosity cured then you've come to the right place!

Post on the Forum for Caregivers, Daddy Doms, Mommy Dommes, Bigs, Littles, Middles, Adult Babies, and Others: ... e=post&f=4
Read and Respond to Posts:

4. Hang out in the live chat room and get to know some of our other members. You can private message others or just talk in the room while you're relaxing. You'll find that our chat box appears on multiple pages around the site for convenience as you browse. Note: You must have at least posted (1) accepted post on the forum to gain access to using the chat room.

5. Submit your photo, share a picture of your stuffed animal, or show off your latest or greatest creation! We love to see who you are, who your stuffed animal is, and what you're making in your littlespace.

Submit Something to the Showing Off Section: ... =post&f=23
Check Out the Showing Off Section:

6. Start shopping for the best adult baby or littlespace gear that exists. We've created a list for your convenience.

Check Out Sales from People Like You:
Look Over Links to Online Shops:
Buy From The Official Littlespace Online Store:

5. Download some coloring pages or craft ideas for later entertainment! This is a forever-expanding category so make sure you check back through them often.

Coloring Pages:
Crafts and How-To Guides:

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