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Putting this on hold due to hurricane Florence impacting our friends in the South Eastern United States.

Stay safe, friends!

Donate to the Red Cross disaster relief efforts for those impacted by Hurricane Florence.

Hi Community! Admin here. :hi:

We need your help so that we can make some nice, new updates to our community site here. Without your help this isn't going to be possible. I just don't have the money or resources to do it all myself! :no: But I believe that together we can make this happen for our community and we can all enjoy the new features and updates together with more pride that we made it happen. :yes: So, please read on for the details of what we're looking at and what we really would appreciate when supporting us.

We've scouted out a really nice system that we'd really like to implement for Littlespace Online. It would give the community more features and functionality, and help with getting the word of our existence out and about through the search engines even better.

Also: mobile apps! For years now we've had many requests to develop the site into a mobile app so that it would be easier to pop open on your phones and tablets. Previously we weren't able to find something within our price range that seemed like it would work with our current structure and still let us expand. We've always been quoted around $900-$1,000 USD for a base-level app and were to charge for the app when it was downloaded by members. And when we used the Tapatalk old integration we found a massive security flaw that made us vulnerable some bad, bad guys out there. Ick! So, we're pretty excited we've found this safe option that is much lower cost and will allow us to offer the apps for free download.

We really believe that this update is what we'd need to be able to offer mobile apps. So, if you've been wanting LSO to be made into an app then please consider helping the community today.

What will the update offer us?

It would mean that we would have a new forum layout plus:
  • Mobile Apps for both iOS and Android. (Free to download when available)
  • Extra security features that reduces the chances of accidentally blocking real people like you!
  • Better photo gallery options to share your faces, stuffed friends, and fun memories.
  • More profile and "friend" features to make connecting with friends in the community easier.
  • Generally, more stability of the site. Less unhappies all around!
As the software claims, we would be able to keep our database so that means we'd keep our:
  • Member accounts
  • Forum posts
  • Chat capabilities (we'd also have another chat program to use if something were to happen to our current one)

How can you help?

Good question!
First is through word of mouth (or text of fingers). Talk about our updates coming. Tell your friends about the community here. Post about Littlespace Online's advances in creating an app for your phone. Let people know what's happening and that we're still here!

Secondly is by donating through PayPal. We have a dedicated PayPal account for Littlespace Online so that all donations are always accounted for and go directly toward the site's upkeep. We're going to use the same account but put all donations toward this massive update we want to do because this community is worth it! If you can only give $5 then great, please do help us! If everyone gave only $5 then we'd make our goal in no time.

Anyone who chooses to contribute and help out with a donation will still receive Golden Site Supporter status here as a little thank you and recognition.

How much do we need to raise for this update?

$762.17 USD after tax.

So, I'm going to kick us off and put $200 towards that goal right now.

If you want to also help out by donating then please go to this page and follow the PayPal button you want to donate through. :bheart: :pheart: Again, if you can only give $5 then great, please do help us! We will appreciate it just the same. If everyone gave only $5 then we'd make our goal in no time.

Also, we intend to offer the mobile app for free. So, if you would've paid $5 for the app download anyway then it would've evened out anyway, right?

PayPal donations are discreetly displayed on your end in case you share an account.

When do we need the money?

We really want to start this update as soon as possible, but we realize that asking for help means we need to be patient. We're really hoping to get up enough donations to take care of this by the end of the year. I think it would be an ultra nice "Christmas present" to the community if we could get it done before December holiday hits but that's really up to you all too!

--- --- ---
Mobile App & Site Update Pool:

$200.17 / $762.17

That means we only need $562.00 until we reach our community goal!

> > >Help Here!< < <

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