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:p7: We're looking for a few moderators dedicated to helping maintain the chat room in a positive way with conversation and as an overall helping hand. This means explaining the rules when it's necessary and answering questions in kind, clear messages. Most of the time it just means we expect you to be in the main chat room and participate in making conversation frequently so other members know you're a good, friendly representative for the community and are available to help when they have questions about the site.

So, we're looking for a few people who frequent the chat and can stay in it for many hours throughout the week and/or weekend (maybe even sometimes when there are little to no people online in case a newcomer pops in). It's also helpful if you're familiar with our site resources so that you can quickly and easily help direct someone to reliable community information when they need it.

(Chat rules can be found here.)

If you're interested in being a community helper then please write to us at [email protected] and include:

  • Your username here in the community
  • Your time zone
  • The hours you think you'll be up to dedicating to being a chat moderator


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