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What show do you want to watch?

Invader Zim
Fraggle Rock
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Nickelodeon)
David the Gnome
Star Wars: Rebels
Troll Hunters
The REAL Ghostbusters
Sailor Moon Crystal
So, awhile back, people rioted until Steven Universe was taken off the menu. That and it's slow schedule and pacing made it easy to remove, so we've actually had an open slot for awhile. Voltron will also be coming to a close soonish, so it's time for another round of voting. If you have suggestions other than what I have, I can look into them, but keep in mind, it has to be shows I can easily access on Amazon, Netflix, Crunchyroll (may require reading), or Hulu. No, not youtube. The top two will be our next new shows, one immediately, and one when Voltron finishes (one more season). Here are some shows I'd love for us to add, along with their intros. This will run until next Thursday and we'll have our premiere for the new show on Black Friday! DON'T GO SHOPPING, STAY HOME AND WATCH TV WITH US!

Invader Zim: The story of an alien who is here to take over Earth. He's bad at it. Has a hilarious little robot to... "help" him.

Fraggle Rock: Jim Henson's magnum opus. The Fraggles love to sing and play. For a slightly older group than Sesame Street. I love this show. Has an actual ending that will make you tear up.

Thundercats: Do you feel the magic? DO YOU HEAR THE ROAR? THUNDER, THUNDER, THUNDERCATS, HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I love this show. I LOVE THIS SHOW. As a kid it went Transformers, then Thundercats for me. So good. SO GOOD.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: I have seen every single Ninja Turtles thing ever. I grew up when they were THE thing. I dressed up as Donatello for Halloween. THIS show is the BEST Ninja Turtles show ever. It has real stakes, wonderful action, and very emotional moments. Oh, and it's funny too.

David the Gnome: I couldn't find a good version of just the theme, so here's the first episode. I know nobody will pick this one, but it's special to me. Teaches about life and nature and being a good person instead of being a (literal) troll.

Star Wars Rebels: This doesn't have an opening, it just starts, so here's a fan made opening. Everything that happens in this show IS canon and some of the characters showed up in Rogue One and may show up in the new movie. It's even been hinted one of these characters... may be Snoke. Some great cameos to include Vader, Maul, Obi Wan, and Yoda, all voiced by their original people except Obi Wan. Alec Guinness is dead.

Troll Hunters: A boy hunts trolls and has magic armor. By Guillermo Del Toro. Funny moments and some good action.

The Real Ghostbusters: It's Ghostbusters. In a cartoon, so no limits. What else do you want?

Sailor Moon Crystal: For all you anime and magical girl fans out there. This one has subtitles.

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invader zim! i see a lot of people in the chat talking about invader zim and a few other nick shows, also i think it could be fun to bring back some of the old ones we were sort of shocked to see on nick like rockos modern life, ren and stimpy, and any of the other ones we remember from childhood could be fun!!

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