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We are launching a new dedicated dating site we're calling DateCGL at soon. Registration is currently open but there are plenty of things we're still organizing and updating on it before officially promoting it.

In the meantime though, we need a few people who are willing to browse around and use the site to report errors. Can you help us? Pretty please?

We need screenshots and exact copy/pastes of error messages or just general errors they are finding (even if it's a mistype or something obvious that has gone missing). If you are a person who can spare 15 minutes going through things on that new site then please do so, but send any and all errors, update needs, correct requests, etc to me directly. You can reach me through a quick message here through PM, through the Contact form, or via email at [email protected] .

Please take screen shots of errors you are bumping into so that we can fully investigate them quickly.

  • Go to
  • Register a completely free account.
  • Browse around, update your profile, click the links available, and try to find errors.
  • Take screen shots of errors you find.
  • Document exactly how you ran into the error, what you had clicked on or what you were doing when it appeared.
  • Contact me through a quick message here through PM, through the Contact form, or via email at [email protected] with what you find.
Also, if you're a Site Supporter here then you will automatically earn Supporter status there as well if you register. If you register an account there and are a Site Supporter here then please let me know and I'll update your account there if you decide to use it in the future.

:heart: Thanks!

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