ABDL Discounts for Site Supporters!

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ABDL Discounts for Site Supporters!

Postby admin » 1 year ago

Golden Site Supporter status is awarded to our members that have financially supported our community by donating $5.00 USD or greater. The donations we receive are strictly used for site maintenance and hosting fees.

We've had a number of features given to our Site Supporters as a way of saying thank you. We now have a new addition to our package of bonus features on the site, which includes external site discount codes and coupons. These stores include some popular sites like PacifiersRus, AdultPacifier, Crinkle Crate, Aww So Cute, and Wearing Clouds! Many are offering discounts of between 5% and 15% off of purchases for our supporting members.

Features Site Supporters gain are (subject to grow!):
  • Discounts to popular ABDL, DDLG, MDLB, Caregiver/little online webstores.
  • Access to a hidden group chat room.
  • Access to a secret hidden forum on the site.
  • First-access to and testing of new site features.
  • Usernames in a golden-yellow color.
  • Site rank on the forum of * Site Supporter *.
  • Private one-on-one messaging in the old chat room version if preferred.
Members can donate any amount they choose to through PayPal:
A minimum of $5.00 USD gets you Supporter status!
Remember to leave your username as a note when you donate!

:pheart::bheart::pheart:You can also contact me at littlespaceonline@gmail.com if you can't reach me here! :bheart::pheart::bheart:

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