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We have developed a new way of saying thank you to site supporters and donators. Members who choose to donate $5.00 USD or greater will now be rewarded with a golden username throughout the boards as well as the site rank of: * Site Supporter * for a minimum of six months. This recognition is our way of saying we appreciate you helping to keep our site free and available for everyone to use.

As many of you may realize, our site costs money to keep up and running. We would like to add quite a few additional, helpful features to the site but we are financially restricted. All donations received go directly towards monthly hosting costs for the site currently. You can learn more about what we are currently spending and how we would like to add some features onto the site by clicking through here.

As our site continues to grow and develop into something even greater, we want to remind everyone that our advertisers are also appreciated for helping to pay a portion of our hosting costs. Until we receive enough donations to cover the cost of hosting, we will need to continue searching for those perfect advertisers best suited to our community. Please do consider donating to our community to keep up moving forward, and keep us in mind if you would like to consider advertising on our platform.
  • Members can donate any amount they choose to through PayPal:
    A minimum of $5.00 USD gets you Supporter status!
    Remember to leave your username as a note when you donate!
Bonus note: Supporters have access to a private/hidden chat room on the site. We may also create a hidden forum area for only site supporters in the future.


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