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  • Name: Jamie
  • Biological Age: 20
  • Height: 5'3
  • Weight: 121 lbs
  • Location: Denver, CO
  • Occupation: Programmer (self employed for now)
  • Current Marital or Relationship Status: Complicated
  • Sexual orientation: Pansexual
  • DateCGL.com Username: Poptart
  • What are some things that have led you to identifying as a little?
    - Well I like mainly little things compared to dom/cg things things.
  • What type of partner are you looking for here?
    - A Mommy or Daddy, who is loving and caring.
  • Are you open to long distance relationships or only local?
    - Either is ok, local preferred.
  • Describe your perfect match and some great qualities that they would have:
    - Cuddly, and accepting, maybe a bit twisty.
  • Are you into sexual or nonsexual Caregiver/little play?
    - Sexual but can be just non-sexual.
  • Do you prefer polyamorous or monogamous relationships?
    - Polygamous-ish
  • How long have you been into the Caregiver/little dynamic?
    - Little over 3 years
  • What are you looking for in a Caregiver Dom?
    - Loving, someone who cares, is strict when needed.
  • What do you think you have to offer to a Caregiver?
    - My kindness, acceptance, and joy :>
  • What are some punishments you prefer for being disciplined, corrected, or guided?
    - Spanked, or being put in timeout
  • What are rewards or reward methods you enjoy?
    - Cummies /).(\ , candy, extended bedtime, verbal encouragement.
  • Describe one of your favorite nonsexual fantasies or scenarios:
    - Just cuddling into a blankie watching cartons, then my dom comes in and sits next to me then we snuggle, while still watching tv.
  • What are some general nicknames you like to call your Caregiver?
    - Mommy, or Daddy, depending
  • What do you think makes a Caregiver Dom different than a regular or general Dominant?
    - The aspect of loving, caring, and tending to more than just a littles' needs.
  • What are 5 nonsexual things you enjoy?
    - Watching cartoons, playing video games, playing with Legos, Swinging in a swing set, and going places.
  • What are 3 movies you enjoy?
    - Scooby-Doo 2 Monsters Unleashed, Game-Over Man, and Pac's Scary Halloween
  • What are 3 of your favorite foods?
    - Pizza, Spaghetti, Meatball sub from subway
  • What are 3 of your favorite songs, bands, or musical artists?
    - Owl City, Marshmello, AJR
  • What is something you have recently learned?
    - Little bit of a programming language, C#.
  • What is your current biggest life achievement?
    - Having my daughter, Emma.
  • During an argument or disagreement with a partner, how do you typically react?
    - Understanding, and reasonable.
  • What are some other things you would like to tell a potentially interested partner about yourself?
    - I'm oober nerdy, I love programming, playing games, watching cartoons, I am a parent to a 9 month old (at this time) baby girl. I am Trans MTF Pre-OP, and unknown when i'l get the surgery, or start hormone therapy.

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