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abdl diaper store atlanta georgia

Posted: |February 12th, 2018|, 10:40 pm
by Heisenbergdl
I said before that id share about my experience on this subject, as ive recently visited a place called diaper depot in the state of georgia near atlanta or roughly 14 miles outside the down town city center witch is where i stayed at the time in a hotel. i was on my way to florida, my mom wanted to stop in atlanta for 2 nights to visit the georgia aquarium. id have loved to see the aquarium, but instead, me being me, i found myself 14 miles from the aquarium, in a small but sizable store front in stone hill georgia called diaper depot. There it was, big letters on the front of the building, i knew id be overwhelmed. so, this place was AWESOME, i walked in the door, and began speaking to the woman behind the counter. she was so nice, she handed me a stack of folded up diapers and asked me to put all that ive tried off to the side, well id tried them all almost except for a few, and i knew i didnt really wanna buy a bunch of diapers to drag around while traveling, id taken enough with me to get by. so we talk for a while, all about diapers, suggestions she had some that i had, and how an abdl friendly store came to be. while i was there i saw other people come in to buy abdl diapers, and she just let me stand by the side of the counter and watch in pure amazement! at one point even pulled up my shirt to show the m4 i was wearing, she just went on and on about diapers! i welcomed it... i wanted the DIAPER KNOWLEDGE!! and to be standing there talking like this to what could have been a non abdl just was great! it was like being a wine person, a sommelier, only instead of fine aged wines, we were talkin about adult diapers and the benefits of each different type. id probably even go the 900 or so mi. to go back and visit, but until then i have there card and number and she can put a face to the name on those orders so it just feels good to have that. now if you plan on going heres what to expect, its in a big open store center and is really not a very active area so dont be afraid to go in, they carry all the stuff we know of EXCEPT bambino, but even if you are going for bambino they have all the abus and other types so you will find something. i know i said i didnt want to buy anything but i sure did wind up walking out with a pack of tena maxi slip original for around 37 us dollars, and a 2 sample pack of kiddo for 10. if you get the chance to go there, you will find a hidden gem, i wish more places like it exsisted, it was a first for me, a first i hope to have happen again real soon!