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By Heisenbergdl
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Diaper Brand Name:

Diaper Style Name:

Slip, maxi

Diaper Type (reusable cloth or disposable):

Size Tried:


Experience and Review:
I will have to basically write two reviews, this diaper changed a while back, and i used them for a long time before that too. So, the original was good indeed, so good apparently they can still be purchased online for about 5 times the original cost. A very flexable diaper, it conformed to my body in a way no other diaper had, if ever a company made a diaper like a bikini this is it. But i think what people miss about the original is simply the design. Aside from that, all i notice with the new version is improvements. The old design was nice but but i like the new one just as much.

Negatives or Areas of Improvement:
Old: weird fluff sometimes wound up in my privates sometimes. They became worn out to easily and clumped up even when not at all used.
All of these areas seem to have been fixed for the new so for the current version i have nothing but good things to say and see it as having little to no downside.

Positives or Areas of Quality:
Just an all around good diaper, im a skinny guy, these form very well to my body, some diapers seem to leave gaps where i should probably have more meat on my bones, these dont, they fit me very well. They also swell up better then any other diaper, they look thin, but they just keep swelling, and are good for me for things like work or flights.

Other Thoughts:

A good work diaper, a good exercise diaper for the gym.
This is the current one, and i personally like it better, below that is the old kind known by its purple tapes near my hips, they made a new one to improve it, if anyone tells you the old is better its cause they miss the old design and colors.

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