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So, I’m pansexual and I’m a little. And it’s affected me in a lot of good and bad ways. Positively, they’ve both made me feel really open and not as closeted about my opinions. By negatively, it sometimes makes getting friends 10x more difficult. Like, I know I don’t have to tell them about me being a little, but if I want a lasting friendship, I feel the need to. Or, if I tell people I’m pansexual I get weird responses. From guys it’s always that they’re weirded out. Or from girls they’re always like “Does that mean you wanna date me?”. Most people I know that I’ve told are okay with it or don’t fully understand it but still.
Hi hi! i totally get what you mean. both things can be a big part of who we are!
for me, being lgbt made me have to grow up quickly and be strong, not show any emotion or weakness that would let my bullies think they're winning... which made being a little even more precious to me, because it was the only time i could truly relax and be free to be myself! :heart:
Hey there! For me, its been almost like living each experience of those parts of my personality twice, if that makes any sense. I categorize myself as a pretty late bloomer in a lot of ways in life - figuring out sexuality and my littleness ranking higher on the list of things that had/have such a huge impact on me yet I never really allowed myself to come to terms with. The mindset around where I live is not very accepting for the general social status quo...but I have been very lucky to be surrounded by loved ones who at least tolerate me to try to figure myself out.

As to your question - I guess its just really lead me to being kinda of quiet and timid for the most part, always wondering when I will reach the point of rocking the boat too hard and having to deal with he consequences of just trying to be me. I do my best to love and encourage people and hope one day that will be enough that everyone can be happy together! :shuff:
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