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Re: Husband stopped wearing nappies

 by TheLittleKing ¦  8 months ago ¦  Forum: Diaper Discussion ¦  Topic: Husband stopped wearing nappies ¦  Replies: 2 ¦  Views: 1011

Hello. I think first and foremost you should probably sit down and have a good conversation with him. I think you need to find out why he has stopped and whether your expectations for the relationship are. Maybe it is as simple as him trying to help out with finances, or maybe he needs a break as a ...

Re: Puppet Theatre!

 by TheLittleKing ¦  8 months ago ¦  Forum: Creativity Cave & Sharing Shore ¦  Topic: Puppet Theatre! ¦  Replies: 4 ¦  Views: 997

Not quite sure on what to do for the puppets yet actually, hehe. Maybe to start with some popsicle stick puppets, maybe some sock puppets.... Maybe a few different types, so we'll see! Not for a video, just as a play puppet theatre. It's not actually specifically for me, made it for some kids. Will ...

Re: What makes you relaxed ?

 by TheLittleKing ¦  8 months ago ¦  Forum: General Discussion ¦  Topic: How do I help my little relax ? ¦  Replies: 4 ¦  Views: 765

I agree with Snugglebunny - cuddles, cute clothes, diapers, a paci or bottle, stufies. Watching a favourite / loved movie is always familiar and relaxing. Maybe get him to do some calming activities like colouring or making a craft. Could make him / help him make a calm jar! Calm Jar: https://presch...

Re: Puppet Theatre!

 by TheLittleKing ¦  9 months ago ¦  Forum: Creativity Cave & Sharing Shore ¦  Topic: Puppet Theatre! ¦  Replies: 4 ¦  Views: 997

Thanks!! Yeah! It's pretty big, maybe like, uhh, just a bit over 2 feet across? It was fun to make :)

Puppet Theatre!

 by TheLittleKing ¦  9 months ago ¦  Forum: Creativity Cave & Sharing Shore ¦  Topic: Puppet Theatre! ¦  Replies: 4 ¦  Views: 997

I made a puppet show theatre today! Just need to work on some puppets and we will be up and running!


Whatcha think?

Re: How to be a little in college?

 by TheLittleKing ¦  9 months ago ¦  Forum: General Discussion ¦  Topic: How to be a little in college? ¦  Replies: 3 ¦  Views: 893

You have your own bedroom though right? You can always lock the door and have private time in your room to be little. Stash away some little gear in your room and only take it out when the door is locked. Then you can colour and dress up and craft and do whatever little stuff you like while still be...

Re: How to feel loved without a caregiver

 by TheLittleKing ¦  9 months ago ¦  Forum: Ask a Little ¦  Topic: How to feel loved without a caregiver ¦  Replies: 6 ¦  Views: 922

Definitely go spend time with friends and family. Nothing is better to help one feel love and cared for. Even though they may not know about this side of you, they still love you and that is precious. Honestly, nothing is more important than the people you love and who love you. So whoever they are....

Re: Ordering Little Things

 by TheLittleKing ¦  9 months ago ¦  Forum: General Discussion ¦  Topic: Ordering Little Things ¦  Replies: 5 ¦  Views: 642

Maybe you're scared of being found out if you have any little gear? Most places that sell stuff for littles have discreet shipping, just check their website its usually up front and very visible or in the FAQ. Otherwise, I agree with MommaStrange that we all need to treat ourselves sometimes, so tak...

Re: Feelings about being a diaper lover from a young age?

 by TheLittleKing ¦  9 months ago ¦  Forum: Diaper Discussion ¦  Topic: Feelings about being a diaper lover from a young age? ¦  Replies: 12 ¦  Views: 1922

Well it looks like I'm a bit of an anomaly, but diapers weren't even on my radar until about 5 years ago. Once I stumbled onto them and this lifestyle I was pretty much immediately hooked, but I don't have any memory of anything happening when I was younger to spark this desire. Yet here I am now, w...

Re: Do Mommies ever wear diapers with their littles?

 by TheLittleKing ¦  9 months ago ¦  Forum: Ask a Caregiver ¦  Topic: Do Mommies ever wear diapers with their littles? ¦  Replies: 2 ¦  Views: 801

I've seen a couple Mommies over the years who wear. Not many, but a couple. And yeah I'd hope to not be left too long in a stinker - diaper rashes are not fun. Nope, not at all!

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