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Re: What's your favorite candy?

 by sammoose93 ¦  1 month ago ¦  Forum: Off-Topic - Discussion ¦  Topic: What's your favorite candy? ¦  Replies: 45 ¦  Views: 1157

anything chocolate, because if it's too sweet it would take me forever to eat it. or too hard for my teeth. chocolate i eat within 5 minutes lol

Re: ~shopping for stickers~

 by sammoose93 ¦  2 months ago ¦  Forum: Creativity Cave & Sharing Shore ¦  Topic: ~shopping for stickers~ ¦  Replies: 6 ¦  Views: 447

Etsy is usually decent with stickers. that's where i get my washi stickers, stencils, you name it for my journal.

Re: Enjoy having a swollen belly???

 by sammoose93 ¦  3 months ago ¦  Forum: Off-Topic - Discussion ¦  Topic: Enjoy having a swollen belly??? ¦  Replies: 1 ¦  Views: 187

i've heard of it. personally it's not for me, because if i eat too many calories/carbs after staying with a 12-1500 calorie diet, i bloat and i feel terrible. even when doctors touch my stomach to examine it on a normal day, i get extremely gassy, and crampy to the point of pain. (ibs) but i know wh...

Re: Is Melanie Martinez A Little???

 by sammoose93 ¦  3 months ago ¦  Forum: Off-Topic - Discussion ¦  Topic: Is Melanie Martinez A Little??? ¦  Replies: 13 ¦  Views: 12402

as problematic as she is, she may very well be. also as problematic as she is, i still enjoy her album.

Re: What is your favorite cookie?

 by sammoose93 ¦  3 months ago ¦  Forum: Off-Topic - Discussion ¦  Topic: What is your favorite cookie? ¦  Replies: 48 ¦  Views: 1291

i like oreos and chips ahoy. and nutter butters

but homemade chocolate chip when it's gooey is the best. :gp1:

Re: Music Sharing

 by sammoose93 ¦  3 months ago ¦  Forum: Entertainment ¦  Topic: Music Sharing ¦  Replies: 4 ¦  Views: 272

one of my favorite songs from them. Fun fact in the past three months this has became the most scrobbled song on my I absolutely adore this rendition because they were so young and Michael's hair is soooo fluffy.

Re: Does anyone like pasta?

 by sammoose93 ¦  3 months ago ¦  Forum: Recipes ¦  Topic: Does anyone like pasta? ¦  Replies: 10 ¦  Views: 325

i love pasta! I enjoy this homemade mac n cheese recipe my cousin's grandmother gave us. I also like how spaghetti turns out when me or my cousin makes it :heart:

Re: What colour are your eyes?

 by sammoose93 ¦  3 months ago ¦  Forum: Off-Topic - Discussion ¦  Topic: What colour are your eyes? ¦  Replies: 20 ¦  Views: 917

depending on the lighting, i get a mix of grey, blue and some green. but my eyes are generally blue.

Re: Buffalo chicken pasta!

 by sammoose93 ¦  3 months ago ¦  Forum: Recipes ¦  Topic: Buffalo chicken pasta! ¦  Replies: 2 ¦  Views: 197

i have to try this, this sounds so delicious, i've had buffalo chicken dip before, but with pasta, mmm. that sounds right up my alley. :heart:

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what are your interest like? do you like to color or cuddle or do sports. also communication is key.

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