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Littlespace Online is an interactive, friendly safe-space community for ageplayers, people who identify as agefluid, transage persons ("transagers"), Caregiver/little relationships, DDLG, MDLB, ABDL and other like-minded folks with age regression preferences. We welcome those who are actively involved in these aspects of life and those who are just wanting to become educated about our community. We have a number of publicly accessible guides and informative articles as well as an active forum board to share experiences and advice. Community membership is free and we encourage you to share our site with friends as educational material and to develop a better understanding and acceptance of our community from outside perspectives and persons.

If you are new or looking to just become more aware of these adult interests, and often quite serious lifestyle choices and long-term relationships, then you are welcome to use our available educational material below to help get you started and in the right direction. If you are more educated and seasoned with our community then we encourage you to review our resources below as a refresher and to help you understand what our specific community site is helping to spread through our positive, educational material.

You can find our general lifestyle information detailed here.
You can find our community terms and acronyms outlined here.
You can find our free guides, articles, and help resources here.

Aside from available educational material, our community here offers many valuable resources when wanting to connect to others of like minds. These tools included, but are not limited to our message system, live chat room access, nationwide events list, and worldwide member meet-up section or munches. We have some basic activities that can be enjoyed together, such as site events for holidays, free movie showings in a group for members only, unique adult coloring pages, chat room activities like virtual truth and dare, and our forum full of friends. Occassionally we hold contests for free items, gift baskets, adult pacifiers, upgraded membership statuses, unique art, and other fun freebies.

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